Outfield Fence Sign

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Outfield Signs must be made of vinyl measuring 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall with six grommets in order to hang on chain link fence with zip ties. If you ordered a outfield sign from last year, we have placed it in storage and can reuse it again for this season. Make a note to reuse old one when ordering.

Some local printers who make Crabs outfield fence signs: Advanced Display & Signs in Eureka, Scrapper’s Edge in Eureka, Humboldt Swag in Eureka and Visual Concepts in Arcata.

Signs can be be delivered to the Crabs stafff when the Crabs take possesion of the ballpark at the end of May. Season starts in June 1.

Note: The Crabs do not own the Arcata Ballpark. It is owned by the City of Arcata. The Crabs rent the ballpark for the summer months. A portion of your sign payment goes toward the City of Arcata. Please do not drop off your banner at the ballpark without contacting someone from the Crabs.
ALSO: Outfield Fence Sign sponsors will receive 4 season passes or their choice of 2 season passes plus 25 general admission tickets!

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